Saturday, April 4, 2009

There's a lot to like about Lowell

I put closure on our permitting process with the City of Lowell yesterday. I had good conversations with Deputy Ryan of the Lowell Police Department and Chris Samaris, who is Andy St. Onge’s replacement. Both were very accommodating and helpful in going through the new permitting process. This did not surprise me; I’ve been involved with organizing races in the city since 1980 and Lowell has always had a welcoming attitude towards runners. During that time some of the best races in New England have been held in the city. How many of you remember the Great Oktoberfest Marathon, The Dubliner (or just Dub) 5-Miler, Jim Witt Road Race, Lowell Elk’s Half Marathon, Run Your Turkey Off, Grab Bag Road Race, Friends of Lowell High 10K, Cappy’s Copper Kettle and the fabulous East End Road Race? Sadly these events and many others have faded into our collective past, but their memories will live in our minds forever. Today these events have been replaced with new events such as the Kerouac 5K, Bay State Marathon, Super 5K, Thanks4Giving and the resurrected Traditional Hynes Road Race. So I guess the cycle of great races in the city continues, but I sure miss the East End Road Race.


  1. Dave,

    Last night I had a PR - I really didn't pay attention when I crossed the finish line and I left Hookslides just as you were announcing it. Do you really get a medal for getting a PR? What happens if you continue to improve throughout the series? Anyways, this is my first time running this series and I really enjoy it. See you next week.

    Kevin Curley

  2. Hey Dave,
    I remember that Oktoberfest Marathon. I ran it in 1981 (I think). I wore that shirt (top center) for many many years. It may even still be around somewhere. Did you help organize the race or did you race it?